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Wallpaper Reproduction


At Bruce Fine Papers, we pride ourselves on having the ability to reproduce wallpaper from any fragment. 


The Process From Start to Finish

The process involved in any restoration or reconstruction work is a long procedure, but one that is critically followed to give you the result that you have always dreamed of. 

Every project that we work on is tailor-made to order, while all are also custom coloured to your requirements.

Restoration Reconstruction
  1. We request from you the fragment you wish to be used in your project.

    The reproduction process begins by photographing or tracing your original fragment, this then has any missing or damaged areas redrawn prior to a full repeat being created. This completed repeat is then colour separated to form the artwork for each block. The number of colours used determines how many blocks will be required for production. 

    Depending on the number of colours and the complexity of the design submitted to us, the artwork process should be expected to take between 2-4 weeks.
  2. Once this process is complete, we ask you to approve the artwork, to ensure it is to the standard you expect. 

    The required blocks are then made from the approved artwork. Please allow two weeks for this process.

  3. Once the blocks have been received, a large sample is printed and again sent for your approval. Once you have approved the sample , the required amount of wallpaper is produced.

    Based on a ten roll print, your order will be completed within two to three weeks. All orders are trimmed and individually hand wound and wrapped. 

Projects That We Have Worked On

Bruce Fine Papers have had a vast amount of experience in the past working on contrasting projects, dating from 17th century restoration projects to present day reconstructions. 

Examples of our work can be seen worldwide, and in places that may surprise you. Films such as Love Actually have played host to our patterns, as has Downing Street, the home where two of our wallpapers proudly hang.  

Stepping away from the UK, Biltmore House in North Carolina – the largest private estate in the USA – set in 8,000 acres used Bruce Fine Papers to reproduce Vanderbilt designs in the late 1990’s, as did Gore’s residence, in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Here are some examples of our work:

Gore Place, Massachusetts

Biltmore House, North Carolina

Audley End, Essex

Down House, Kent

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